Fachhai PL May2018 Project Report

SIMNEI Missionary Assistance Project Report, May 2018


          Dear Co-workers in Christ,


We thank God for enabling 40 SIM North East India (SIMNEI) missionaries to serve in 14 countries (4 countries in Africa, 9 countries in Asia and 1 country in South America) in the midst of various challenges because of your support and prayers. Our partner churches in North East India (NEI) have been supporting their missionaries financially and with prayer. SIMNEI is thankful to overseas supporting churches and individuals for their support and prayers for SIMNEI missionaries too.  It is our prayer that God will, in turn bless you abundantly.


Below is a brief report on SIMNEI missionaries who are serving in different countries in different ministries for your prayer support:


  1. PONGESULE ANGAMI (ABCC/NMM) (serving in South Sudan, on Home assignment/ HA):

Asule returned to NEI for HA in February. She is very grateful to God that her sending church has become very aware of the importance of caring for the missionaries now. They make sure that she has enough rest. So, she has a very restful time with her family and friends in the beginning of HA. She is learning to slow down and rest in the Lord. In the past years, she thought being busy is the only way for her to be productive and useful for God. But she is realizing that doing nothing, resting and being alone with God is even more productive. After realizing the importance of ‘being’, not just “doing”, she feels free. In March, she was in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a month to rest and meet a counselor and it was very helpful to her. She started giving her ministry report from April in her sending/supporting churches. Please pray that she will speak what God wants her to speak and not what people wants to hear. Pray that the presentations will pass beyond the mentality of an official report, but it will actually stir the hearts of the people, that they may see what God is doing in the other side of the world. Pray for the Sudanese. For the Christians among Jumjum people group to grow in faith, in love, in purity as they face daily challenges. Pray for their Christian women’s group for good leadership. She plans to take Leave of Absence (LOA) for some time from SIM after her HA. Please pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for her to invest the time of LOA productively.

  1. KHRIEKO & NITHO PESEYIE(ABCC/NMM) Serving in Thailand:

“If we die we want our grandchildren to do Buddhist ritual for us.” Mrs. Waan’s parents would tell this to her often. Her parents try to hinder her family (her husband is a Christian) to attend the church service on Sundays. But the Lord has opened the door for them to come to church with her husband and their children for the last two years. Her parents believe that Buddhist rituals will help them to go to heaven. Mrs. Waan’s family lives in her parents’ house and her mother used to tell the grandkids that if they become Christians, they will have no house to live in. But God provided for them and they bought a house last month. Both she and her husband work in government office and there are lots of obligations and expectations to be a part of Buddhist religious activities during different occasions. They face pressures/opposition from both family and community, but praise God that she decided to follow Christ and accepted Jesus as her personal Savior and was baptized a few weeks ago. Please pray for Mrs Waan’s family to grow in the grace and truth of God and God will use them to bring many into his kingdom. Khrieko’s family started reaching out Noen Sanga district. Praise God that there is a Christian family in this district. They were able to start Bible study with a couple in a village in this district some time ago. The wife has started attending the church on Sunday. Since March, Khrieko has conducted musical camp for the Sunday school children. All the children who came to the program have at least a Christian parent except a girl who comes from Buddhist family. Please pray for more non-believer attendants and God will draw them to Christ.

  1. LAL AND JENNY (EBC/GBC) Serving in BD:

Lal enjoyed his time in Johannesburg, South Africa for SIM Global Assembly in March to commemorate 125 years of SIM’s ministry. Lal participated in Discipleship seminar where discipleship ministry models from various fields are being presented. Jenny continues to fulfill her role as a mother at home and also meet with a local believer weekly, helping in ministry and work related issued. Lal preached at M* background Church in March. They helped plant this church as a fellowship in 2010 while they were in Mirpur. Over the years it grew, even with its challenges and today believers are meeting regularly, renting another Church building from their own giving. Thank God for his mighty work among the M people here.

  1. CD& NOE NOE (Korean Churches/ECM) Serving in BT:

By the grace of God, all their church members are united in mind, heart and thought. Recently, their church members started to contribute food for the meal after the Sunday service. They cook food at home and bring to the church for fellowship meal instead of tea only. During their fellowship time, they share the prayer points and also discuss the problem they are facing so that they can pray for each other. Every Friday they have prayer meeting in the church. They also do home visiting to pray for believers and non-believers. Noe Noe is leading weekly woman fellowship and women Bible study besides her daily routine with children and house chores. CD sometimes travels to teach in seminars or meet with other church leaders to encourage them, besides his pastoral ministry of home visit, praying for people and preaching. It is difficult for BT Bh*dist to believe in Jesus. Many Christians in BT became Christians through experiencing God’s healing. When the medication fails to heal them, then they will ask pastors to pray for their healing. If they are healed, they will believe in the Lord. So, please pray for God’s healing power to manifest in BT to draw people to himself and believers will grow in the truth and grace of the Lord.


  1. FC & SEIHNAI (ECM): serving in BT:

FC’s family had a wonderful time with their families and friends during their HA. They also visited 13 Local Churches to give ministry report and had wonderful fellowship with church members. Thank God for His protection in their traveling and for his provision for FC’s family during their HA. Please pray for the congregations of their sending church ECM that God will reveal Himself to them and they will give and send out more missionary for God’s mission work. FC’s mother and Seihnai’s parents are old, but they are still strong and praying for FC’s family’s ministry. FC’s family and Seihnai’s family are really happy to see John after a few years. Fc’s family returned to  BT safely in the last week of March. They are thankful to God for enabling their BT fellowship members to continue to grow in their faith during their 2 months’ absence. They celebrated Good Friday and Easter Sunday with the fellowship members and praising God for His victory.


  1. REMLAL and MAMI (BCM) Serving in Northern Ghana:

They had a Gospel crusade on 20th & 21st February in Gushegu (a M dominated region), which Global outreach team in collaboration with the local church council prepared the ground for this program. It’s encouraging to see different denominational leaders come together each doing their part for the success of this crusade. Many Christians and M from different villages came to witness and experience the work of God. Pray that the seeds of gospel will bear fruits in these M people’s hearts. Remlal visits Senior High School (SHS) weekly to meet with students. They ask Remlal to teach them Bible twice a week. It’s encouraging to see them growing in their walk with the Lord. Remlal teaches them God’s words, Christian living and discusses with them issues that challenge their faith. They learn so much together when they share their life struggles and experiences as Christians. Pray that they will continue to have thirst and hunger for God and His word. Remlal came to know an M* student in SHS through his weekly visit to the school who gradually showed interest in Jesus and His words. Remlal gave him a New Testament Bible and answered his queries about Jesus. He is a final year student and soon he and his classmates will leave the school.  Pray that Remlal will have chances to follow up with this M* and other Christian students he meets with weekly. Within the school premises an M* mosque has already been erected. Please pray for funding for a Christian chapel to be built in the school in near future. A young church in Manicheri village was planted just last year with 18 new believers but now there are over 50 members. Remlal was glad to dedicate the church for them. Pray for pastor of this church to have wisdom as he leads this young church to grow to maturity amidst different challenges.

  1. KHOCHOPENY ODYUO(NMM, NBCC) Serving in Kenya:

Jane is a grandmother and a mother of seven children in Ayan village. She was a drunkard before she accepted Jesus as her personal Savior a few years ago. Unfortunately, two years ago, her husband became mentally challenged because of heavy drinking of locally brewed alcohol and disappeared from home. At the same time, an abnormal growth started on Jane’s neck and was growing fast. Peny felt very sad to see her pain but didn’t know what to do except praying for God’s help. By the beginning of this year, God graciously moved her church, families, community and a friend to organize for Jane’s operation on 6th February and now she is completely healed. Her pastor said Jane’s life is a great testimony because from the day she accepted Jesus, her love for God has grown and the pain she experienced before her surgery did not affect her relationship with Him. Peny visited her and the community in Ayan in Easter and it was good to see her full of joy and thankfulness to God. She continues to share the Gospel with her drunkard friends and invite them to church. Please continue praying for God’s leading as Peny and SIM Kenya leadership continue seeking God’s leading regarding ministry in East Pokot. The street children from the rehabilitation centres and homes will be attending Vacation Bible School at their partner churches. Please pray that these children will grow in the love and fear of God.


  1. BUATA AND RUTH (BCM) Serving in Kenya: (on HA)

Buata has been engaging himself for the past two months in visiting different churches and giving ministry reports. He was the speaker in the Mission Convention held during 2-4 March. He attended the Baptist Church of Mizoram Assembly which was held in 8-11 March. Thank God for giving them opportunities to visit and connect with family and loved ones whom they haven’t met for three years. After Ruth went through successful operation, she is recovering gradually but with some complications. She is under medication for hemorrhagic cyst and urinary tract infection. Buata was diagnosed with Calcaneal spur in his heels- that is a bone growth, which develops around the heel bone. He was admitted in the hospital and operated on 25th April for his Calcaneal spur. He was again operated on 26th April for his lipomatosis. Thank God that the operations were successful and he was discharged on 30 April and is recovering. They will attend SIM North East India Council Meeting on 23-24 May, and also to be the speaker at Mission Conventions in June.


  1. TENGWATH A. SANGMA (TBC/ GBC) Serving in Zambia, on HA since Dec 2017:

Tengwath is currently on HA. He is giving ministry reports to his sending church, a few other local churches and Evangelical Students Union. He is seeking God’s will for his future ministry. He needs to apply for driver’s license and sort out some paper work in the university. Please pray for him to have strength to show grace in difficult time. He is doing some informal online studies. Please pray for fruitful study.



  1. RINA & PUII RENTHLEI (BCM) Serving in Thailand:

Rina was privileged and blessed to attend the 125th SIM Global Assembly in South Africa. Mr. Soy took baptism in December, last year. His son has a serious health issue and was referred to a big hospital in the city. Rina’s couple prayed for him and gave them some financial help too. After being discharged, he is very open to the word of God. Please pray for him to trust in Jesus soon. They have a cell group meeting at Mr. Nit house. Mr. Nit has been bedridden for a year. Their children were very resistant to the gospel, but after they see the love and concern the Christians have for their parents, they are more open to Christians. They start joining the cell group fellowship in their house. Pray that they will come to know the Lord soon. Rina’s couple tries to train new believers to share the gospel to their friends and relatives. They practice evangelism using some tools during Sunday worship. Thank God that some of them have started doing evangelism to their friends and relatives. But some still need encouragement, therefore Rina’s couple takes them along to do outreach and home visit. It is a very effective way to train them for witnessing their faith to others. Many of them are strengthened to reach out to others. Missionaries and students from a Bible School visited them for two days to do outreach in three villages. The Bible school students were very effective in ministry. They were able to have a few new contacts, including Mr. Somsak, who is a cancer patient. His family and neighbors were very open to the Gospel.  During Easter Sunday, they had more than 100 people coming together from 6 churches in nearby region and had a blessed time worshipping God together. Please pray for God’s guidance for them to start a new ministry in Kaengkhro town where there is no Christian.

  1. MARY HNAMTE (BCM) Serving in Kenya, on HA:

It was a mix feeling for Mary to say goodbye to the kindergarten kids and the adult literacy students in N*manga before she left for HA in March. After half a year of no communications, Mary received a call from Q*ran just a couple of weeks before her HA. She had gone through depression and was taking treatment. She asked Mary, “Teacher Mary, will I be healed from this?” Mary replied that she can be healed because Jesus can heal her. She was very open to talk about Jesus but still struggled to be identified as a believer. Please pray that the Lord will bring someone to her to lead her to the Light. Mary arrived in North East India safely in March and had a good and blessed debriefing with SIMNEI office staff and the counselor. She was able to spend time with families and have some rest. She visited her sending church headquarters office. She was encouraged by their Associate General Secretary, who is in charge of mission. He encouraged Mary to share about not only what she accomplished, but even her failures and frustrations and the reality of mission work to open the eyes of the churches back home. Mary will do her ministry deputation from 5th May until June 13th   to visit 12 churches. Please pray for her deputation that the Lord will speak to the hearts of the churches for his mission work and that He will have all the glory.

  1. CAROL (ICI) Serving in East Asia:

On Easter Sunday, Carol and her coworkers had sunrise service up on the mountain and they had an amazing time worshiping and praising the risen Lord. Because Jesus lives, she not only has hope for the future for this unreached and hard to reach tribe, she can face the future with all the uncertainty it brings. Satan has set up many strongholds and barriers to keep Jesus’ name from being known in the town where Carol lives. Almost every day she hears people setting off firecrackers to scare away the evil spirit. They will set off firecrackers when they open new businesses, weddings, and funerals. Many people go to consult fortunetellers and tarot card readers. It is sad to see them living in fear, fear of the unknown and uncertainties. She and her coworkers have started going around the town once a week and surrounding villages praying over it and asking to break the hard spiritual soil and the strongholds. Please pray that every village they walk through that they will meet a person of peace to receive the Lord. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give her wisdom needed in every situation and protection against attack from the evil one. Also, please pray for national believers to be will to relocate to their area and be the light to the people who have never heard the name of Jesus. Please pray for wisdom and perseverance for her to learn the local language well.

  1. BIULANTY THABAH (KJP/GBC): Serving in South Sudan:

Biu attends a church of Burun Magdole tribe in the refugee camp. They are only a small number of people among the M*lim community but they never give up their faith. An elder and a few leaders lead the church and preach every Sunday. Pray that God will send them people to give them training, discipleship, and encouragement. Biu was invited to give training to Sunday school teachers of Jum Jum tribe church in the past few months. Thank God for their desire to learn in order to reach out and train the children. Thank God that she was able to train four youth to be Sunday School Teachers. It was encouraging to see these young people know so much about the word of God with the little resources they have. Please pray that they will grow deeper in the Word of God. It is hard for Biu to find a good language helper who knows how to read Arabic and speak a little bit of English. She tried to learn by herself and to humble herself as a little child to practice listening and speaking for sometime. Thank God that he provided her a language helper though not educated. Since she is a Christian, Biu used Bible stories to learn Arabic with her. It is wonderful that Biu can learn new Christian vocabularies in this way even though sometimes it is frustrating when they struggle to find out the meaning of some words. Biu helps her use the Bible stories, which they learn together during language class, to share in the women Bible study every Thursday. It is wonderful seeing her very confidently leading the women Bible study. Please pray for her to grow in the truth and grace of God and for Biu to learn language well.


  1. VANLAFELA AND PUII (LIKBK) Serving in Ghana:

Fela and Puii see people hearing the gospel for the first time in their life at their village, and being transformed by the power of the cross, leaving behind their old religion of idol worshipping.  Some M* young people used to come to them with a lot of questions, struggling to find out why Jesus was so different from their Prophet. Fela’s M* friend Aziz with whom he has been sharing the gospel told him that he has accepted the Bible as the word of God, and he believed that Jesus is the Savior, but could not understand Jesus being the son and God at the same time. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to him the truth. Puii participated in Children Ministry workshop at World Vision for two days, which helped her understand the need of including health education in their Kid’s club lessons. They are blessed to have some medical students from Holland, who came to Gushegu for four months for their research, to teach at Kid’s club. Please pray for the children in the Kids’ club to all come to trust in the Lord. Busum village had been without a church building for many years. Thank God for his provision that they could start constructing the church at Busum. Please pray that God will continue to provide their needs to finish the church construction. Praise God for Fela’s ordination in March during the annual Assembly of his sending church. Puii met motorbike accident in March while Fela was in India for ordination, though she was badly hurt she does not have any life threatening injuries. Please pray for her recovery. Fela continues the sport ministry to reach out the M youth. Please pray for the need of this ministry.


  1. JDS (KBC, GBC) Serving in BT

After JDS returned to the filed for his second term service, he could not find a platform to stay inside BT, so he stays in the border town in India side where he is surrounded by another people group or community. He feels disconnected with the target people group in BT. He can barely meet the target group people these days. Please pray that God will encourage him, give him vision and open ways for ministry for him to reach out the target people group in BT. With like-minded believers and other missionaries, they started Sunday school for children, called “Kingdom kids” in BT side border town. Every Sunday he used to gather the children from border town of BT and brings them to the Kingdom kids. Children are very much excited to be in the Kingdom kids. Pray that the Kingdom kids would be real training ground and eye opener for many of the tender kids to the ultimate truth and reality. JDS needs to abstain most of fat and protein rich foods because of his weak digestion system. Please pray for good health for him. Please pray for wisdom and perseverance for him to learn the language. Because of upcoming general election, the BT government issued an order that people are not to have any kind of gathering in a group. Thus, hampered the house Church gathering too. Please pray for BT election and safety of church members in BT.

  1. ALBERT AND SANGPUII (Mizoram Synod) Serving in Bolivia:

Albert and 3 other trainers of the missionary training school (ECAMM) went to visit their students who were doing practical ministry on Mar 1-13.  One hot afternoon, Albert had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a street ice-cream vendor. This man, who was previously a believer of the prosperity gospel, had lost all his faith in Christianity because God did not give him material blessings after he gave lots of money to the church. After having a long talk with Albert, this man, Guillermo, finally decided to give himself to the Lord Jesus Christ again, to go back to his own family and start a new journey of faith. Please pray for him to grow in the truth and grace of God. It was sad for the ECAMM school trainers to receive the news of Ballon’s death who was one of their graduates. The trainers including Albert went to his village for his funeral and had chance to share the gospel in the funeral. Praise the Lord that some people received Jesus as their Savior and Lord in the funeral. So, the few believers there requested them to plant a church in their village, where there is no church at all. They are willing to give a plot of land to build a church building. Pray that the church will be planted in late Ballon’s village. Albert has some teaching engagement in April and May in various places to teach World Religion. Please pray for God’s wisdom and anointment for him. Albert’s family will come back to NEI for HA in mid-June. Please pray for wisdom to wind up their ministry well and for safe journey back to NEI. Please pray for the passport renewal for their son Nathan to be smooth and fast.

  1. BONGA (GBC) serving in BT, on HA:

Bonga has been given opportunities to visit churches since last year and it has been a time of blessing for her as much as for those whom she has visited. They are excited to hear how God is working among the people in the mission field. She tries to encourage young people to obey God if God calls them to be missionaries and not to be afraid. She was also sent by the church to attend a training program for Emerging Leaders who do not have theological training and was refreshed and blessed. She had chances to minister to two ladies during the training. One of them works in Campus Crusade for Christ. She was not very much into studying the word of God deeply and Bonga was able to help her realize the importance of studying the word of God seriously.  Another one is a young girl who had some theological training but does not have the clear foundational doctrines and was very much drifted by the prosperity gospel. After Bonga talked to her, she realized that she was heading in the wrong direction and was willing to give effort to study the Bible well. Bonga was able to help their church school teach Math for some time. The school was finding it difficult to search for Math teachers and was happy with Bonga’s help. Bonga is waiting for transferring to a new mission field. Please pray for the needed work permit and visa for her to leave for the new field. Please pray for a new Math teacher for the school after Bongas leaves. Thank God that Bonga’s brother has come back to the Lord and is growing in Him.

  1. MANJE (GBC) Serving in Central Asia:

Manje was privileged to attend Call2all Congress from April 11-13, 2018. During the Call2all Congress, the attendants discussed about the unengaged and the unreached people groups. Over 500 leaders from M*ng*lia and different countries committed their lives to see the Great Commission fulfilled in their lifetime. Please pray for the local Christians to obey God’s great commission. Most of the faculty members in Manje’s department are missionaries and they try their best to reach out to their students. The graduation will be in June and the faculty members have less than two months to influence the students. Please pray that none of them will go out of the university without hearing the good news about Jesus Christ. Manje had a visitor who is undergoing depression and something is bothering her greatly. She has gone through a lot of hardship in her life. Manje listened to her stories for long hours, let her cry, and prayed for her. They worshipped God together and she praised the Lord with her whole heart; and with tears she explained the meaning of the songs that she sang. She asked Manje to be her older sister and to continue to give a listening ear to her and pray for her. Then she left M*ng*lia after one week with a smile on her face. Please pray for her to be free from the depression.

  1. MERINA KHAILA (ECM) Serving in South Sudan:

After Merina and her coworkers trained the primary school teachers, SIC church has opened four primary schools for children aged 7-12 in four villages in Mabaan county with the help of SIM since February. Thank God for providing volunteer teachers to be trained and to teach. The schools are going in a full swing with the students and teachers progressing. The students are so excited and they participate eagerly in the class though they do not have proper facility. There are two classes in each school: one for 7-9 years old and another for 10-12 years old. For 7-9 years old classes, they conduct the class in the church. The senior classes are conducted under the shade of trees. The schools had their 1st term test on the last week of April. There are some parents who do not want their kids to study in SIC school since the school cannot provide meals for the students which is a  challenge for the students as well as for teachers. But God is faithful and they have managed to proceed with the classes without losing students. Please pray for these schools to be able to construct classrooms before the rain comes. Merina and her coworker are supervising these schools. Please pray for wisdom for them. She has started reaching out to Burun ladies through teaching them cross stitch. Because of the limit of the materias she could only teach 5 ladies at one goal. While she teaches them, they listen to some Arabic gospel songs. She plans to share with them word of God later but needs God’s guidance for the right time. Please pray for her to have wisdom and God’s guidance.

  1. NOKDANG & AMONGLA (NMM/NBCC) Serving in Thailand:

df Moss had a difficult childhood. As a child he called upon God to help him though he was not sure which God he was praying to. He experienced his prayers being answered several times. One of his prayers as a child was asking God to give him a mother because he had no parents to look after him. His father denied him and he never knew his mother. One of the lady teachers in the primary school took care of him since priamry school until today. He is a student in engineering department currently. He prayed to an unknown God to help him learn English and God sent Nokdang’s couple to help him. He attends Bible study conducted by  Nokdang’s couple and other faculty in the university. Through the Bible study and the help of Christian faculty like Nokdang’s couple, he came to know who Jesus is and realized that Jesus has been answering his prayers and taking care of him since he was a child. He said, “ Indeed I was so blind but now I see and I am thirsty to know more and experience more of Jesus. My earthly mother and father rejected me but our heavenly Father took care of me even when I didn’t know Him.” He acknowledged that he is a sinner and asked Jesus to forgive him and accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord. Please pray for him to grow in the Lord. Nokdang’s couple are also reaching out some international students from Laos through teaching them English. Please pray that they will come to know Jesus soon.


  1. DAMARY HLYCHHO (ECM) Serving in Northern Ghana:

Since February,  Damary started the ministry with children and youth at Vittin and Shalom church. They have Kids’ Club every Saturday with about 70 M* kids. For that, they have activities including football, Bible study, painting, learning cultural games, cultural dance and kids Bible story movie time, etc. Damary, Pastor Fatawa and two other men work together with these children. Thank God that He is working in these children’s lives. One 12 year-old boy came to them and told them that he wanted to go to school after the Kids’ Club one day. But his father won’t let him go to school because he can’t afford the school fees. Pray that God will provide their needs and use Damary’s team to show the family God’s love. Every Sunday Damary works with the Sunday school children at Shalom Church. She teaches the children worship songs, Bible stories and memorizing verses every Sunday. Children enjoyed Sunday school and are more lively than before. They have 30 children in the Sunday school. Pray that God will bring more children to attend in the future. Damary also gives vocal training, singing and choreography to Vittin High School students every Thursday. They have a few students attending and some of them are from M* families. It seems that some of the M students attend the church only because it’s compulsory for every student in this school but are resistant to the gospel. It is hard to reach out to these students because sometimes only 3-5 Christian students attend her training program and the rest are M. Please pray that God will give her wisdom and perseverance and draw these M students to himself. At the Easter program, all the Good News Bible Church members came together at Cheyohi Village. They had the opportunity to work with the children for two days. They had around 100 children including M* children in the program. She, with the help of two Dagbani speaking friends, shared Bible stories and played games with the children.

  1. IRISH  (BBC/GBC) Serving in South Asia:

Irish is teaching different subjects which are related to English language, such as Mission, Christian discipline and training in the seminary. Some of the students and teachers as well are very interested in learning English so she is taking up some free tuition for them whenever she is free. She is also involved in a few local churches, which give very little effort in reaching out non-believers (either M or nominal Christians) around them. She is also studying local language by herself, from books, internet, dictionaries and most importantly from daily conversations with the local people. Please pray for wisdom and perseverance to learn the language well so she can share the gospel in local language fluently. She plans to do discipleship training, visiting families in and around Mengk*k and interior villages, and to give awareness about importance of mission outreach in different churches. Please pray for opportunities to reach out to the non-believers for her and her coworkers. She bought a second hand motorbike to go around for ministry.  Please pray for safety when she moves around for ministry. Please pray for the extension of her work permit and visa which is expiring in the month of April and August 2018 respectively.

  1. Bedonne (Laban KJP) Serving in BD:

Bedonne stayed with an M family from mid-Feb for a month to learn the language and culture. They are very religious M. Please pray for them to turn to the Lord. He met one friend who is a believer and he is trying to learn more about the truth. Bedonne met him a couple of time trying to help him and explain to him about the Word. This friend told Bedonne that if his parents found out that he is a believer, he could be kicked out from the family. Please pray for him to grow in the truth and grace of the Lord and to stand firm in the midst of opposition. His language teacher Bachu is a believer. But his parents are not believers. Please pray that through their son`s life they can see the beauty of Jesus and accept the truth. On April 26-29, they organized a boys’ camp. These boys are coming from different parts of the city, towns and villages. Pray for these boys that they will continue to grow in the truth and grace of God and they will continue to walk with the Lord. Every Friday or Saturday, they have a youth meeting and a few young believers, M and seekers used to attend. Pray that God will work in their lives and young believers will be salt and light to other non-believer young people.


  1. Sathei and Abi (ECM) serving in BT:

Sathei and Abi were excited to learn language and practice with their teacher. It had been a challenging task since they kept on forgetting the new words they acquired. Then they could somehow spell and read the local language and hoped that it would take them to the higher level of learning speaking and writing. But unfortunately, their language teacher had to quit her job because of her son’s education. Now they are left to learn by themselves before they can find another language teacher. Please pray that God will provide them the right person to teach them language and they will have wisdom to learn the language well. In spite of the government prohibition of public gathering from February to May due to the ongoing national election, on 30th March (Good Friday), their church members worshipped in one of church members’ residence. It was encouraging to see the local believers boldly taking risk to worship God. They dared not to sing loudly since the meeting has been monitored by the government. But they had the awesome experience of God’s presence in their midst. In that meeting each one took turn to share God’s word for five minutes where Sathei also shared the word of God. They also could minister the Lord’s Supper to church members, which led them to pray fervently! They had a sweet time of fellowship with God and with one another. God again enabled them to celebrate the Easter Sunday joyfully. It was again a secret meeting, but most of the church members could attend the service and God blessed their worship service. Please pray for the safety of all the church members since going against the government’s order to gather together to worship can cause them to be fined heavily if they are caught. They need God’s extra protection and boldness.  Please pray for the national election that God will elect the right leaders who would give more freedom for Christianity in BT.

  1. Nikali, (Sumi Baptist Church), serving in Philippians:

Nikali arrived in Philippines on 6th of Feb and is currently involved in language learning, learning the Filipino culture, observing their ways of life, building relationships with the M women and children, and studying the M community. She thanks God for the provision of a house, good health, the kindness and warm hospitality that she received from the local people.  Please pray for wisdom and perseverance for her language learning so she can reach out in Tagalog language to the M people, who do not understand English properly. Please pray for God’s wisdom and protection as she ministers among the M community after some months.

  1. Kesi (Zeme Baptist Church), serving in N*pal

She has safely reached N*pal in March. When she reached N*pal on 23rd March, she had an opportunity to attend Spiritual life Conference of SIM team there. She was blessed by the conference. She has started attending language school, 3 days per week. Each class is for 2 hours and her language teacher’s name is S*maa. S*maa has been teaching N*pali to foreigners for 18 years, and she is really good. She had orientation from the team members and visited some sites. She engages in Church activities during the weekend. She is making lots of new friends and talk to tailors, newspaper sales people, children in the street, and her house helper. Pray for wisdom and perseverance for her language learning. Her language teacher has heard about Christ but she is not willing to accept Him. Pray that God will speak to her. Pray that God will give her opportunity and wisdom to witness Christ. She needs God’s guidance for the right ministry station.


Neiwete participated in the Chakhesang Baptist Church Council CBCC) ‘Missionaries Get Together’ from 5-9 March at Pfutsero. He shared about the need of partnership in world missions during missionaries and church leaders’ consultation. Praise the Lord that Neiwete was ordained by CBCC at Kikruma Baptist Church on 22nd March. On Good Friday 30th March, he administered the Holy Communion at the Christian Prayer Fellowship (CPF) and delivered resurrection message and also administered the Holy Communion at the Chakhesang Christian Prayer Fellowship on ‘Easter’ Sunday,  1st April. He has been teaching  ‘Discipleship’ at the Minstrel Training Center of the All Tribes and Nations Assembly, Shillong. Praise God, 14 of them completed one month training on 13th April. He continues to do the debriefing with missionary coming back for HA, processing missionary candidates and looking for placements for missionary appointees.


Hiakie participated in SIM’s global assembly in South Africa in March and was greatly encouraged and blessed. SIMNEI office conducted SIM candidate orientation from 12 to 17 March for a few missionary candidates. They have been very busy with SIMNEI office construction, trying to help the workers, moving around the office materials to give space for them, supervising and caring for the building materials supply, and supporting the workers to work faster, etc. Please pray that the construction will be completed before SIMNEI Annual General Council Meeting, scheduled on 23 to 24 May 2018. They continue to do debriefing with missionaries who come back for HA and visiting churches to mobilize them for world mission. They visited Hiakie’s aunty who has been bed ridden for 8 years. Thank God that she does not complain about the nerves and joints pain any more because of the prayers of many relatives and friends. Her drunkard son and grandson repented and were baptized. Now her son is the worship leader for their church. Praise God. Hiakei spoke in a couple’s service on 8 April where lots of mixed marriages with different background and tribes are. Please pray for them to know the love of God and love each other.

We thank God for the growing number of missionaries who are faithfully serving God and are thriving. At present, we have some appointees, candidates and applicants. Please continue to pray for us to have God’s wisdom and guidance to process them and place them. Pray for the supporting churches, families and individuals for continuing their partnership with SIMNEI to send out more workers.  The Bible says, “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field” (Matt. 9:38).  May God bless you.


Submitted by


Debbie Fachhai

SIMNEI missionary assistance project manager,

SIM North East India.