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Fachhais’ prayer letter, August  2018


Dear brothers and sisters,


Greetings from Siaha, North East India! 


“Give thanks to God in all circumstances.”Recently, Laiu gave his one-month salary to MRRC because they were in great need. Debbie was not pleased at all. She wanted to calculate the running cost of our family in order to show Laiu so he will stop this kind of generosity. She started the book-keeping every day for all the expenditure. and After she calculated our family’s one-month expenditure, she was shocked. She realized that our family’s monthly basic needs, plus supporting 7 young men’s study, plus giving to the poor and church has finished all our monthly salary. That means we will have no saving! And if Laiu gives all his salary out, then we cannot manage till the end of the month. She was so upset and started complaining to Laiu and the children, including Vanoh for their careless spending and over-giving. She made the whole family on their tip-toe. The relationship became very tense at home. Then one day when she was preparing for Bible study, the words of giving thanks to the Lord in all circumstances spoke to her. It dawned on her that, God has been providing our needs faithfully in the past before she sat down to calculate. We have never been in want. She should have thanked God for his faithful and wonderful provision after she realized how much we have to use every month, and we could still pay for Peter’s tickets to Mongolia and visa trip and first- time settlement! That much God is providing us!! How wonderful is our God! She has to give up her book-keeping to the Lord again. Though she has to continue to manage family finance carefully and only use/ buy what is necessary, she has to learn to trust in His wonderful provision and gives thanks to Him every day! Please pray for Debbie to have right perspective and attitude every day.  


Maraland Rescue and Rehab Center (MRRC):By God’s grace, the few addicts are progressing slowly. Debbie is leading the addicts Bible study and gives some counselling to the addicts as well every Friday. Please pray for the manager and counselors to have wisdom, love and faithfulness to help these addicts. MRRC managing board needs to raise fund for the remaining facilities building and the running cost of the center. Please pray that God will provide all the needs. Pray that God will reveal himself to the addicts and draw them to himself and grant them genuine faith and enable them to quit drug/alcohol and to live for the Lord.


Pastors’ wives’ prayer meeting: O*gin-No shared in our pastors’ wives’ prayer meeting last week, “Thank you for your prayers. My sister in law who stays with us goes to church every morning to attend church prayer meeting. Her attitude is getting better. Please continue to pray for her. Please pray for my father-in-law’s salvation.” Thank you for your prayers for these pastors’ wives that they are encouraged to continue to pray for their families. Please continue to pray for them that God will strengthen their faith and they will build up their families in God’s wisdom and love.   


Travelling and other ministry:Laiu needs to travel to Shillong and Guwahati from 2-14 Sep to attend NEICC and Bible translation meetings. Please pray for safe journey and wisdom to attend meetings. A short-term mission team from Debbie’s sending church is coming to help us in Oct. Please pray for all the ministry and logistics arrangement which Debbie needs to do for them. Laiu and Debbie have been feeling very frustrated and disheartened with all kinds of problems in the church. We are over-stressed and tired emotionally and physically. Please pray for wisdom and encouragement from God so Laiu can finish his term (till Apr 2020) instead of giving up before due time.   


SIMNEI missionaries:Recently a Hindu lady with her family came to CD’s (serving in BT) fellowship. She is pregnant and was suffering from diabetes. Her doctor told her that there is high risk for both mother and child due to her diabetes. Doctor said, if her blood sugar doesn’t go down to normal, it is possible that her baby may die. So, she came to church and asked CD and church members to pray for her. After two weeks of prayer her blood sugar became normal, to the doctor’s surprise. Thank God for answering the prayers that the baby was delivered safely though under-weight and is in ICU. CD and other church members are visiting them in the hospital regularly. Pray that this family will come to the Lord soon.  Even though they are not able to do open evangelism because of restriction from government, but God is bringing people to the church. Please pray for more open doors for reaching out to the people in BT. Thank God that the church Rina’s couple (serving in Thailand) planted was able to set up a committee to oversee activities in the church, which is a great progress for them. The church members also wanted to buy land for a church and a cemetery. Thank God that they have started collecting voluntary donations every Sunday for this purpose instead of depending on outside help. They continue to have outreach programs once or twice a week. Many of the church members now enjoy these outreach programs, where they can share their testimonies as well as what they learn in church.


FamilyVanoh will starthis mid-term exam from Wednesday (22/8). He is having some Jock Itch which bothers him a lot. Please pray for God’s healing upon him. Please pray for wisdom and strength for him to finish his exam well. Thatha and Omriwill have retest from 24/8 because most of the students did not do well in their mid-term exams. Please pray for them to have wisdom and perseverance to finish their exam well. Biechhuakhei is doing well and studying hard. Please pray for godly friends for him. Please pray for him also to have courage to resist temptations from his old friends and to grow in the truth and grace of God.  Peter has got his visa invitation letter so he left for Aizawl on 20 Aug. He will fly to Dehli to apply for visa on 22 Aug and to Mongolia on 31 Aug if he gets his visa on time. Please pray for God’s favor upon him and for safe journey for him as this is his first overseas trip. He will teach in a secondary school to earn his living and studies MA at the same time. Please pray for wisdom and strength for him to cope well. Please continue to pray for the salvation of Debbie’s family in Taiwan. 


Thank you so much for your prayers, concern and giving for SIMNEI missionaries. Thank you for your love, care and prayers for our family in Siaha. May God’s abundant love and grace be with you! 


Together in His vineyard,


Debbie, for the Fachhais


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