Fachhais’ PL MAY2018

Fachhais’ prayer letter, May 2018


Dear brothers and sisters,


Greetings from Siaha, North East India!


“Tell me what is the reason that I should continue to stay.” Laiu has been very discouraged because the visions ,which he has for his denomination were rejected by other church leaders. He went through several difficult meetings these days. Not only the visions he proposed for the church were rejected, but other leaders attacked him maliciously also. He finally asked Debbie, “I have good visions for our denomination, but they would not accept. If the visions I have for this denomination cannot be fulfilled, tell me what is the reason that I should continue to stay here.” Debbie tried to encourage him from the Bible. She also asked our three young men to encourage him. Vanoh said, “Papa, your vision is good but people cannot accept it because they are in the darkness and do not like the light. You should not give up. You never give up!! What I am proud of you is that you never give up!” Peter said, “Uncle, you may not be able to change these leaders, but surely there are many youth who are looking up to you. They follow your every move. They have hope for this land now because you are here. If you give up, then they will all be disheartened and give up too.” Thatha said, “Uncle, you love Maraland so much. If you leave, then they will regret. You work so hard for this land, even go through so many difficulties, if they are willing to see, they will understand.” Children’s encouragement really touched Laiu’s heart and encouraged him greatly. Please pray for Laiu to focus on the Lord and be perseverant to do God’s will no matter his visions can be fulfilled or not.


“God answered your prayers for my father.” Thank you for your prayers for Feldina and her family, who had anemia and was writing class ten board exam in March. I visited her the other day and she told me, “Thank you for praying for my father. He has stopped drinking alcohol and can lead our family devotion in the evening.” I was overjoyed by the good news. Her mother was not sure whether she would pass the exam or not because she was not able to study properly due to poor health condition last year. Thank God for helping Feldina pass her class ten exam in spite of her health issue. They are very grateful to the kind donor from Taiwan who helps her pay school so she can continue to study in ECM higher secondary school (ECM HSS) for her class 11. Her father is not so well these days because of alcohol effect in his body and that hunting accident. Please pray for Feldina’s fatehr that God will heal him completely so he can earn for the living for his family.


A kind sister from Taiwan gave some money to help the poor students here so they can study without worrying about the financial problem. The vice principal of ECM HSS recommended 5 class 12 students who are good in study but from poor families to us. Debbie met all of them in the school, interviewed them, shared the gospel with them and prayed for them. Please pray for these 5 students and Feldina that God will give them wisdom and joy to study well, and enable them to grow in their faith in the Lord. 


Teenagers’ ministry: Please pray for some of our teenagers’ fathers who are drunkards, Vahro paw (Vahro’s father), Elisia paw, Denisia paw, Sandrah paw that they will come to know God and quit drinking. These families are in poorer condition and children feel ashamed because of their fathers. Please pray for them to experience God’s love. Please pray for teenagers’ leaders to love, wisdom and creativity to love the teenagers and to make teenagers’ fellowship more interesting so teenagers will be willing to attend.


Maraland Rescue and Rehab Center (MRRC): SIM International director, Dr Joshua and his wife Joanna are coming to visit Mizoram on 17-21 May. We will have inauguration for MRRC on 19 May. Please pray for God’s blessing on the inauguration. Please pray for the training for MRRC director and counselors.


Travelling and ministry: We visited and ministered in a local church in Tipiferry village on 28-30 April. They are like sheep without shepherd. The women group shared with us, “Very few members used to attend our women fellowship. When we attend the fellowship, the program is not good and we are not fed spiritually.” We visited and ministered in another local church in Kaochao on 12-14 May. They have similar problems plus there are 3 denominations present in this small village. They cannot tackle the alcohol and drug abuse issue because of vicious competition among denominations. Please pray for good shepherds for ECM churches to feed God’s lambs. Please pray against denominationalism in this land. Debbie will travel to Aizawl to pick up SIM International director (ID) Joshua and his wife Joanna on16 May. Laiu, Debbie and Vanoh will travel to Shillong along with ID’s couple on 21 May to attend SIMNEI board meeting which will held on 23-24 May and then proceed to Nagaland state for school admission for Vanoh’s class 11. We plan to return to Siaha on 2 June. So, Debbie will start travelling from 16 May till 2 June and Laiu will start from 21 May to join Debbie. Please pray for good weather, safety, wisdom, strength and good health for all our travelling. We may not be able to access to internet during our travelling, please bear with us.


SIMNEI missionaries: It was sad for the Albert and Sangpuii (serving in Bolivia) and other missionary training school trainers to receive the news of Ballon’s death who was one of their graduates. The trainers including Albert went to his village for his funeral and had chance to share the gospel in the funeral. Praise the Lord that some people received Jesus as their Savior and Lord in the funeral. So, the few believers there requested them to plant a church in their village, where there is no church at all. They are willing to give a plot of land to build a church building. Pray that the church will be planted in late Ballon’s village. Rina and Puii (serving in Thailand) thank God for adding three more new members into their church who were baptized recently. Please pray for them to grow in the truth and grace of the Lord. Nokdang and Amongla (serving in Thailand) thank God for Moss who shared with them, “ Indeed I was so blind but now I see and I am thirsty to know more and experience more of Jesus. My earthly mother and father rejected me but our heavenly Father took care of me even when I didn’t know Him.”  Through the help of Nokdang’s couple, Moss acknowledged that he is a sinner and asked Jesus to forgive him and accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord. Please pray for him to grow in the Lord.


Family: Thank you for your prayers for Vanoh’s class ten board exam. He passed the exam well by God’s grace. We plan to enroll him in Patkai Christian College in Nagaland. This is his first time to leave home to stay in a hostel. It might be more difficult for parents, especially Laiu, than for him. J Please pray for him to choose the right stream to study, to be able to adjust with the life in hotel, to be self-disciplined in his study, and to have godly mentors and friends. Peter is in the process of applying for his study in Mongolia International University. Please pray for God’s guidance and favor. Thatha’s school is having sport week. Please pray for safety for him and other students when they play sports. Please pray for wisdom for him to study well. Please continue to pray for the salvation of Debbie’s family in Taiwan.


Thank you so much for your prayers, concern and giving for SIMNEI missionaries. Thank you for your love, care and prayers for our family in Siaha. May God’s abundant love and grace be with you!


Together in His vineyard,


Debbie, for the Fachhais


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