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Fachhais’ prayer letter, July 2018


Dear brothers and sisters,


Greetings from Siaha, North East India! 


“Feed my lamb”:One day when Debbie was reading the passage of John 21:15-25, God spoke to her. She realized that she has been taking our nephew Biechhuakhei (the one who used to drink alcohol, sneeze dendrite, smoke, etc.
) as a trouble brought to her house to give her headache. But God reminded her that even this young man is a lamb of God whom God loves and whom Jesus died for. And God has brought him to her house for her to feed and to love. She confessed her wrong attitude and asked God for forgiveness. She asked God to give her His perspective to look at this young man and give her His love to love him. She then felt compassionate for him as his family background and the homes he stayed in previously did not help build him up to become what God intends him to be. He did not experience God’s unconditional love for him nor receive guidance according to God’s way through his family and the relatives he stayed with. So, he could not see his worth in God nor live a life as a child loved by God. A little kindness we show him makes him so happy. Please pray for Debbie to have the perspective of God and love of God to journey with him to grow into the likeness of Christ. Pray that God will draw this young man to himself and God’s wonderful purpose will be fulfilled in his life to glorify God. 


Teenagers’ ministry:In the first of week of July, we invited the teenagers’ leaders for a meal and Debbie had Bible study with them. Our nephew also led one-time Bible study with them in the following week. The leaders were very encouraged and blessed with studying the word of God. When they had Bible study, it seemed to them that the word of God came alive to them. Since teenagers’ fellowship is under youth fellowship, there are sometimes frictions and misunderstanding between the leaders of these two fellowships. Please pray for good understanding and mutual support for these leaders and they can work together to extend the kingdom of God among the teenagers. Please pray for our teenager fellowship leaders to abide in God’s word and His love so they can feed the sheep of God (our teenager members).  Please continue to pray for teenagers’ families that God will fill with them his love and peace in their families. Please pray against divorce and drunkenness of their parents.  


Maraland Rescue and Rehab Center (MRRC):Thank God that Rev RK (manager) has finished his training in other addict centers. Laiu, Debbie and another pastor also gave some training to the MRRC staff team to encourage and equip them to reach other the addicts. MRRC has started functioning from 9 July with seven addicts admitted thus far. By God’s grace, they are progressing slowly. Debbie is invited to lead the addicts Bible study and then to give some training to the counselors every Friday.She went there the first time on 20 July to lead the Bible study and training. It is encouraging to hear the sharing of the addicts. One of them said, “I am not happy with my life now because I am addicted to drug. Please pray for me that I will recover.”  Please pray for great wisdom and spiritual insight for Debbie to journey with the counselors and the addicts. Please pray for Rev RK and other four counselors to have wisdom, love and patience to journey with the addicts. Pray that God will reveal himself to the addicts and draw them to himself and grant them genuine faith and enable them to quit drug/alcohol and to live for the Lord.


Pastors’ wives’ prayer meeting:Our pastors’ wives are not regular in attending our Wednesday prayer meeting. Sometimes we only have 3 attendants, a bedridden lay, Debbie and Jesus! Some of the pastors’ wives are losing their hope in praying because it seems God is not answering their prayers for their families. One pastor’s wife said, “I have been praying for my two sons and they continue to indulge in alcohol and have no plan for their future. I don’t feel like praying anymore.” Another one said, “My father in law is not a believer and complains about everything every day. He even taunts me when I come to this prayer meeting. It seems it is not useful in praying for him at all.” Please pray for them that God will reveal himself to them and cause them to grow in the truth and grace of God and they will persevere in praying for their families and for this land.


Travelling and ministry:Laiu continues to do the Bible translation and lead the headquarters of ECM. He needs a lot of wisdom, patience, and vision from God. Please pray for him to focus on God and not to be discouraged easily. Debbie is preparing for the short-term team’s ministry in Oct. Her sending church, Shi-pai Friendship Church will send a team to come to Siaha in Oct. Please pray for all the preparation. She also needs to write reports for SIMNEI missionary assistance project, and another supporting church. Please pray for wisdom.  


SIMNEI missionaries: Lal (serving in BD)was connected recently to a M* believer who was baptized in 2015. He has no chance to attend Christian fellowship though he has a Bible apps in his smart phone and has been reading. Since his family are M*, he has lots of pressure and challenges. Lal was able to invite him for a youth conference in July. Please pray for him to grow in the truth and grace of the Lord. They had a successful marriage seminar. It was encouraging to see husbands and wives confessing and seeking forgiveness from each other. One particular husband with tears confessed that he used to beat his wife in the past and asks forgiveness from his wife and made a promise that it will never happen again. Please pray for more open doors for Lal and Jenny to reach out the M people and build up M background believers in BD. Biu (serving in South Sudan)thank God that her language helper’s husband (an M) came to attend church service one Sunday. Please pray for him that God will reveal himself to him and draw him to God. Please pray for Jum Jum tribe Christian women that God will encourage them to continue their weekly Bible study and fellowship and help them to grow in God’s truth and grace. 


FamilyVanoh enjoyed his one-month summer holiday with football world cup! It took him four days to travel back to the college. Thank God that he arrived safely in the college on 18/7. Please pray for him to be self-disciplined and have wisdom and joy in his study, and to have godly mentors and friendsPeterfinally got his BA certificate after waiting for more than one month. But Mongolia International University is on holiday, so they cannot process his work permit till they resume the work in August. Please pray for him to make the best of his waiting time to grow in the Lord and to serve God here and God will grant him his favor to get the work permit in His time.  Thatha and  Omri is  having their midterm exams from 17 July till 25 July. Please pray for wisdom and perseverance for their study. Beichhuakhei has started his BA first year class. Please pray for him to have courage to resist temptations from his old friends and to stand firm and grow in the truth and grace of God.  Please continue to pray for the salvation of Debbie’s family in Taiwan.


Thank you so much for your prayers, concern and giving for SIMNEI missionaries. Thank you for your love, care and prayers for our family in Siaha. May God’s abundant love and grace be with you! 


Together in His vineyard,


Debbie, for the Fachhais


Our contact address in India:

Mail: Rev Laiu Fachhai, Evangelical Church of Maraland (ECM), Siaha- 796901, Mizoram, India

Debbie’s: +91-8729973639, Email: debbie.fachhai@gmail.com

Debbie Skype add: Debbie LiChuan Fachhai

Laiu’s: +91-9436764424; Email:laiu.fachhai@gmail.com

For Donation: SIM East Asia Ltd, 116 Lavender Street, #04-09, Pek Chuan Building, Singapore 338730, please designate the donation is for “Debbie Fachhai’s support, ministry fund, or personal gift”, orfor “SIMNEI missionary assistant fund project” (project # 90943).

 Left to right: Biechhuakhei, Omri, Laiu, Debbie, Thatha, Peter and Vanoh (the tallest)

(This is the first product of Vanoh’s photo shop. J It is hard to get everyone together at one time for photo.)

Pastors’ wives’ prayer meeting members. The bed-ridden one is Bedino

English Bible study group with our dog (Buddy) on Saturday.

Bible study group praying for Biechhuakhei every Saturday


Ps. Sorry that I am not allowed to take photos of the addicts in MRRC.