• Our History

The Evolution of the Degree Program Offerings

and the Expansion in Our Ministry

Jul. 1965 Dr. Taylor , Secretary of World Evangelical Fellowship, visited Taiwan and suggested that an inter-denominational, graduate level seminary be established in Taiwan.

Oct. 1967 The temporary CES Board of Trustees was established.

May 1970 The official CES Board of Trustees was formed. Elder Dr. Wu Yung served as its first chairman, and Reverend James Taylor Ⅲ served as the first president of CES.

Oct. 1970 The official opening of CES. The first program to be offered here was the 3 year Master of Divinity degree program. The opening ceremony was held at the provisional campus at 100, Fu-Lin Rd., Shi-Lin. At the time, there were 7 students in residence and 16 part-time students.

Jul. 1971 Premises were borrowed from the Covenant Church of Shi-Lin Taipei.

1973 The Theological Education-by- Extension program was established

1974 The 2 years Master of Arts in Religion degree program was established

May 1977 The construction of the CES Main Building began.

1977 The Centre for Missions was established and became a hub for both local and international churches, missionaries, and mission’s organizations.

Jun. 1979 CES building construction completed.

Jul. 1980 Dr. Timothy Lin succeeds as the second president of CES.

Jan. 1984 The Gospel Building was constructed in association with TEAM Church Association.

Aug.1987 Gospel building construction completed

(No.101, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City)

Jul. 1990 Dr. Caleb T.C. Huang succeeds as the third president of CES.

1994 Master of Theology degree program established

1995 Doctor of Ministry degree program established

1998 Center for Pastoral Counseling established

Jul. 1998 Dr. Che Bin Tan succeeds as the fourth president of CES. The CES North America Campus (CESNAC) officially opened in Los Angeles, USA

2000 Center for Faith and Cultural Research established

2001 Center for Long-Distance Education established

2002 Master of Christian Studies degree program established

2003 Membership into the Asian Theological Association (ATA)

2004 Master of Pastoral Counseling degree program established

Jul. 2004 Dr. Paul Lai succeeds as the fifth president of CES

2005 Centre for Youth Ministry established

Jan. 2006 CES Officially joined the American Theological Library Association as one of their international members.

Nov. 2006 CES Board of Trustees approves the Third phase of the campus expansion plan.

May 2007 CES Board of Trustees decides to build the new campus in Bade City.

May 2008 Contract signing for the purchase of the new campus site, and the payment for the land was made in full.

Nov. 2008 CES Board of Trustees sets up a committee to draw up a plan for the future use of our current premises. Architects were also appointed to work on the design of the new Bade campus.

2011 In cooperation with CES Canada (CESCAN), the CES Canada campus was established, offering both the Masters and Extended degree programs

2011 The Master of Divinity degree program was divided into two concentrations: theological and pastoral ministry; Master of Christian Studies degree program was divided into normal and marketplace evangelism concentrations

2011 Board of Trustees approves the application to the Taiwan Ministry of Education (MOE) to endorse CES as an Advanced Research College

Jul. 2011 Dr. Peter Chow succeeds as the sixth president.

2013 The MOE endorses the official establishment of CES as a Christian College

2014 The application for CES to be recognized as an Advanced Research Institution is submitted

Jul. 2014 Dr. Anne Tsai succeeds as the seventh president.

2015 Master degree level credit courses established

2016 Master of Arts in Workplace Ministry degree program established

May 2016 CES is officially recognized by the MOE as an Advanced Research College

Dec. 2016 Kaohsiung campus established

Nov. 2017 Master of Intercultural Studies degree program established

Nov. 2017 In cooperation with CES board of Vancouver (CESS), the CES Vancouver campus was established, offering 3 master-level programs: Master of Divinity in Pastoral Ministry, Master of Arts, and Master of Christian Studies

Dec. 2017 Bade campus construction begins

Nov. 2018 Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree program established

Dec. 2018 Master of Divinity (concentration in Pastoral Counseling) degree program open for application

Sep. 2019 Bade campus construction completed

Aug. 2020 Dr. James Hudson Taylor IV succeeds as the eighth president.

Sep. 2021 The first session of China Evangelical Graduate School of Theology (The MOE approved) started, there were 18 full time students.

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