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The Road Not Taken

Our institutional history has already been written by God, and it is by His grace alone that we can continue to unfold this story for the world to see.

The walls of Jerusalem were built slowly, brick by brick, and like those walls of Jerusalem, this expansion plan has to be built on the prayers and offerings from individuals. As people who contribute to the future that God has written, we will be remembered by the men and women of God that our contributions will go on to nurture!

We would like to cordially invite you:

To become a Friend of CES

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∙To become Prayer Warriors for CES

We sincerely believe that the prayers of righteous men and women are powerful and effective! Please pray for us.

∙To become Loving Gardeners of CES

By pledging an offering and assisting us in this project, we can continue to mold men and women of God into leaders of their communities in a financially stable environment.

To become Ambassadors for CES

Please spread the word about CES to family and friends who would like to serve or study with CES

We hope that you would be able to join us and show your support for our expansion in this time of need.

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